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11 Jun

When we observe around; our environment has a steady dosage of negativity that has been erupted out of a petty issue that inflate a person’s ego which would eventually culminate into an endless array of fighting which results in disruption of one’s own peace of mind or even health and also of those involved in the situation  thus; a thing which may be deemed trivial that though in its purest sense is unable to become problematic causes problems by curbing rationality due to fueling of egotism.

Quentin Crisp, an English writer, once said, “Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.” It is indeed awe inspiring! If every individual realizes this simple fact the world would definitely be a better place to reside.

As a spectator, I have perceived events that influence a lot of peoples’ lives inclusive of mine adversely by the medium of discussion. Let’s examine a scenario: one individual slaps another in a fit of rage…its hurting but it’s momentary. The saga doesn’t end out there; ‘the others’, who are in no way influenced by it, get themselves involved in the situation before the wound is healed by overly discussing the matter through criticizing one before the other and the pain surges more; maybe, to satiate their sadism but as a ramification those who were once friends become estranged.

There is a quote of Umberto Eco from his novel ‘The Name of The Rose’ that has struck a chord with me: Excess of loquacity can be a sin, so can excess of reticence. Frivolous talking has always been a culprit of explosion; during the course one may indulge in telling a few things that are inessential or offensive that it may break associations even by undermining the allegiance one has towards the group. Even Profound silence is a barrier against a memorable conversation or it may cease to exist. As a society, we have to interact with each other thus; there should be a beautiful concoction between silence and dialogue and people should use the former to initiate cognition to generate a substantial statement than statements of banality that are made under the pressing demand to speak incessantly.

Friendship is another volatile concept; the entity is sustained on the basis of trust and if a seed of suspicion is sowed then it would be dismantled. The prime agent that insinuates the disruption in this peaceful co-existence is misunderstanding; even the attempts to patch proclaim their futility. Time heals everything but at moments it may not be possible as there will always be ‘the others’ who would use the device of discussion for hastening the process of destruction of the relation between friends which if left idle for it to be dealt by them , it might have been mend. Even overt talks about patching up would also be worthless as it will only be reminiscent of the hurt and would reinforce the incineration.  Anyhow, if a thing is once broken and again the pieces are pasted together still; it will lack the essence that it originally possessed.

If one considers carefully then, there are many other substances that are volatile and the most explicit one is health. Scientists have always mentioned that volatility can be maintained by placing the object in a controlled environment. Philosophers, on the other hand, have always claimed that excess of anything is problematic and consumption in moderation is permissible; men like Aristotle have taught us to take the middle path-the golden route.


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